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This page has the links to the three different areas of my web site.
The first area is text with mudgeons, poetry, jokes and ideas to enlarge your capacity and enlightenment. There are things very worthy of reading here so please have a laugh or two and enjoy some different ideas.
The second area of my web site is filled with pictures from Snake food to action toys and sculptures to spiders. Everything that is about life is in here. Cars and motorcycles and wierd artworks and anything that has the word fun attached to it. There's a lot to see here so take your time and don't miss anything.
The third area of my web site is filled with pictures of Abyss Creations Realdolls. This is indeed the most popular area of my web site.
I believe it to be one of the most extensive Realdoll sites on the web today. This area is extremely large and will take some time to get through. So make yourself comfortable and sit back and relax for a while. There is a lot to see.

This link will take you things that will make you think, laugh, feel and give you food for thought. These pages are filled with simple jokes to small philosyphies and poetry to prose. Enlarge you capacity and read about some different ideas.

I am interested in reading some enlightening ideas.

These pages are filled with so much craziness I couldn't explain everything that's in this section. Let's just say that there is a whole different side of life to see and I would consider most of it like Life's own art. Enjoy yourself and look around there is a lot to see in this section.

Take me to some pictures of different ideas about art.

This link will take you to all of the pictures I have of Realdolls. This is an extensive area of my web site so take your time and enjoy.

Take me to the Realdoll opening page

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