Some different things of interest

Here are some pictures of things I consider having interest. Make sure you scroll all the way down so you don't miss anything. There is a lot to check out so take some time and enjoy the coming images.

Here are a couple of funny things I thought had some interest. Take a look.

Dragon Models of Japan makes some of the coolest toy action figures around. Check out this pic of the guys guarding the change machine.

Here's some tattooing I've done. This is Murf from Oregon. She's an awesome skater and a cool person as well. Check out her tattoo!

Here is a friend at work. These pictures were taken at night with only the exsisting lighting. This spider was fun to watch and it's pictures are of interest.

Click on this link to see something that you won't see everyday.

Show me the snake that ate a man...

This is a Bourget Retro Chopper. One of the cooler motorycycles made this is one of thirteen bikes like this one made in 2001. Quite a piece of equipment.

A favorite painter of mine..

Here is a water color painting I did of one of my favorite artists in the world. I am a true fan of Masami Teraoka and painted this for a present. I'm not the greatest painter but it's a piece with humor and was done out of love. Enjoy.

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