Welcome to the Living Room

Krista Doll..

This is Krista my first doll. Hers are the first photos on the surgery pics. Fixed jaw hinges and neck bolts..She is a body three with head five. Click on her photo for the index of all of her pics..

Kara Doll...

This is Kara Doll. She had major neck damage and I had to do extensive head work. A lot of patching and fixing seems but all in all she came out looking Great! She is head one with body one..

Tami Doll....

This is Keri Doll less than two months old. She's a body three doll with head two.


This Leah doll was like a brand new doll. Check out her pics.....

Stacey was one of the first dolls ever made by Abyss. This doll is proof that if you care for them they can last a long time.

Here is Natasha. Click on the photo and you can view a few more pics of this doll.

Ordered in September 2000 and picked up this January this Stephanie doll is newer than new. One of Matt's newest sculptures this one is is hands down one of the most beautiful.

This Celine doll is the same is the Krista doll only with a different hair and eye colour. Take a walk through her pictures. Enjoy.

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