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There are over fifty pictures of this doll so have patience while everything loads. I have put her surgery photos first in the line up. Her regular
set of photos is toward the bottom of the page.

This is what happens when her legs aren't propped up under the knees. This doll also had the inside lining taken out of her vagina. I replaced this lining to give integrity to the area once again. Take a look at her surgery pics.

This is the reinsertion of the vaginal lining. I used the same material that comes in the standard patch kit from the company. After mixing the two part silicon together I used a plastic bag like a small syringe to get the liquid silicon inside the doll. After coating the new lining on the outside I put it inside the doll and let it cure for about three days before taking the bottle out. This doll has gone extensive work inside and out.

This next step is her breast enhancement. I cut under each breast and stuff little pieces of rubber under the center of each breast until it seems more full. It gives a nicer look and some size to once flattened boobies. Check it out...

Here's the shots of her old jaw and her new jaw. If you look closely at the two pictures you'll see her jaw isn't attached to the skull. In the second picture you'll see the skull and jaw together and the new rivets before I cut and sanded them. I have done this surgery several times now and it's one that I regard as almost a standard with older dolls. The new nylon is practically unbreakable. Check it out. There's also a couple of pics of the tear in her foot and a shot from behind the knees.

Now that we have all of that out of the way let's get on to the good pictures. It's so sad that I have to do such extensive repair on something so beautiful. Matt's creations are truly a work of art and this doll would be a great addition to any collection. Enjoy her photos...

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